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Project Description

Telecommunication sector

Solutions a|NET telecommunications sector specializes in engineering and development of systems designated for operations support (a|MPIS), as well as, real-time support systems such as a|MON. In order to integrate these solutions to work concurrently, a|NET uses Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concept of integration. SOA is a flexible set of design principles used during the phases of systems development and integration in computing that will package functionality as a suite of interoperable services and can be used within multiple separate systems from several business domains. Intended recipients Most recognized clients using our Telecommunications solutions include vehicle inspection stations in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and District of Brčko, as well as, multitude of ISP’s (Internet service providers). Purpose Our solutions enable automatization of key business processes and increase our clients’ business efficiency and agility. This enables our clients to conduct their daily business activities in a more secure environment and enhances their user experience. It also enables them to enhance their marketing outlook, as well as, new product advancements by utilizing all of our system capabilities. Significance It is widely known that most organizations have large amounts of information (internal and client data). To utilize this information effectively, it is necessary to own an appropriate IT system which classifies, processes and makes data easily accessible anywhere and anytime. This ensures more accurate goal accomplishments and value added approach to your clients’ needs that goes beyond standard expectations. Users – Governing Body for VIS, Federation BiH and District of Brčko – 180 Legal Entities in Federation BiH and District of Brčko – Governing Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Security, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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