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Project Description

Public sector


a|NET variety of products envelops a wide spectrum of clients from the public sector, and ranges from delivery of service oriented IT systems (SOA’s) to data security solutions. We also offer multi system integration expertise. Intended recipients Our solutions are currently being effectively used by a wide variety of public institutions and multiple levels of local, county and federal government agencies. Additionally, a|NET engineers (Subject Matter Experts) have unparallel understanding and work related experience in Transportation and Communications industries, as well as, other private and government related sectors.


All of our solutions, tailored for public sector, have one common goal, to reduce longterm costs associated with everyday business activities and virtually eliminate manmade mistakes. It is imperative to mention that our solutions effectively integrate our clients’ systems into a wider spectrum of communications so that information can be exchanged more securely and efficiently, thus enhancing the connection between the organizations and their intended targets.


– Ministry of transportation and communications, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– District government, Town of Brčko
– Town of Amstelland, Holland
– Town of Koogenlad, Holland
– Town of Westerkvartier, Holland
– Town of Noordenveld, Holland
– Town of Vugt, Holland
– Federal Chamber of Commerce, Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Chamber of Commerce, Zenica-Doboj canton
– Indirect Taxation Authority, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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