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Project Description

Commercial solutions


Commercial sector clients, according to their business needs, can choose from a plethora of customized solutions that a|NET offers, as well as, multiple software solutions from world’s leading companies. Additionally, a|NET offers a large number of software solutions intended for management of business processes, network administration and business continuity.

Intended recipients

All of a|NET software solutions are built in such way that they are highly scalable and can be adapted for use in organizations of all sizes and structures, regardless of their core business. Depended on assessment and evaluation of specific organizational IT needs, a|NET engineers will tailor an adequate solution for your every business need.


Increased information availability in real time and simplified and more efficient internal and external business communication are a|NET’s main goals. Also, increase in information and communication security is far greater, while our systems support a multitude of electronic services for end users.


Advanced IT solutions enable data manipulation, regardless of the technological platform, and help management base its key decisions on real time dependable data reducing the risk of information constraints. This significantly increases efficiency, and stimulates growth, increasing the long-term value of the software solution through increased ROI (Return on Investment).


– Institute for Commercial Engineering, Zenica
– Interšped d.d. Sarajevo
– eBROKERS d.o.o.
– Ugurlu d.o.o.
– Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Embassy of Republic of Turkey
– Express Courier
– DTS Šped d.o.o.
– Schenker d.o.o.
– InterEuropa RTC d.d. Sarajevo
– Second Gymnasium, Sarajevo, BiH
– SeCam d.o.o.
– Wiener d.o.o.
– BH Security d.o.o.
– Martimex d.o.o.

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